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EDM: The Explosion and Bubble

Cortney Harding and I recently spoke with Billboard writer Kerri Mason on our podcast, the Upward Spiral, about the current state of EDM and whether the festival business is sustainable. It was a highly insightful conversation filled with numerous great quotes.

My favorite part is when Mason talks about that “fear in everybody’s gut” that EDM could be a bubble and how they’re “all subject to the slings and arrows of fickle youth.” The entire episode of the Upward Spiral podcast, embedded below, is definitely worth a listen. But now you can also read an edited transcript of the best parts of the show.

 The Origin of EDM

Kerri Mason: I would say that EDM started around 2009, with David Guetta’s collaborations with the Black Eyed Peas. “I Got a Feeling” is one of the biggest digital singles of all time and that was the first time that you heard this combination what we would then say...

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Favorite Artists

I’m currently working on a user research project on why people love their favorite artists. The goal is to understand the threshold between discovering a new favorite artist and seeing them live in concert. I also want to learn whether the number of favorite artists users report influences the number of live concerts they attend.

I’m surveying users on their most recent favorite artist, how they discovered them, how recently they found them, and whether they have seen them perform live in concert. I remember a user from a previous study tell me that they haven’t discovered a new artist since they saw them on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon over six months ago.

This surprised me at first. One, I don’t often think of TV as a discovery platform and two, because over six months ago seems like a long time. But the more I thought about this the more it made sense.

Discovering a new favorite...

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